Office Address 1850 Moen Ave Rockdale IL 60436
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Wes Kochel Inc

Family-owned and operated since 1960, Wes Kochel Towing has been lifting the standards for exceptional customer service throughout Chicagoland for the past five decades. We are industry leaders for road-side safety and reliability. And are also skilled artisans when it comes to repairing and maintaining your commercial vehicle.

1850 Moen Ave Rockdale, IL 60436

(815) 744-6100



"My friend recently had an accident with his semi and Kochel's showed up very quickly and did the work professionally ! He was very please with the service and the price . He was worried about the price and was pleasly surprised at total bill. He now carries their business card and tells his trucker friends about Kochel's."
Diane D.

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